Lucas Weeks

He had made many pilgrims princes, though by nature they were beggars born…

The Culture of Death Marches On

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that our nation is in full scale rebellion against God and His created order. If you think this sounds shrill or out of proportion, you haven’t read your Bible. Just today, the New York Times, that gleeful chronicler of said rebellions, has the following headline: Malta Outlaws ‘Conversion Therapy,’ a First in Europe. We must pray, and we must get to work. Read more →

A Review of John Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’

I just finished John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. I’ve been working on it since early spring. It’s a good book. The best thing about it is that it wrestles seriously with the question of our own depravity in a way that doesn’t glorify or even excuse our wickedness. I’m convinced that Steinbeck’s knowledge came from a deeper understanding of depravity than even Evangelical Christians now possess. Steinbeck’s insights about motivations and desires really leaped off the page. In many cases, I had only recently learned about them by reading Dan Allenders book, Wounded Heart. In fact, I’m not sure I would have understood what I was reading if I hadn’t read Allender first. Read more →

A Response to Clinton Supporters

As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’m no fan of Donald Trump. But I’m convinced that my brother-in-law, Joseph Bayly, got it right: Clinton has the stated goal of performing wicked deeds and making it illegal to obey God. It’s not too strong to say, in 2016, that a central goal of the Democratic party is to make Christianity illegal as soon as possible. Christians who don’t see that are either very shortsighted or actually playing on a different team. Read more →

A Few Thoughts on the 2016 MacBook Pro Updates

The recent announcement from Apple about their new computers was disappointing to me. I’m always trying to figure out how to get the best bang for my Apple buck, and I so I put together this chart. A few observations: The response has been unlike anything I’ve seen, and almost entirely negative. (Here’s the best roundup I’ve found.) Basically, Apple took an incredibly long time to release computers that are much more expensive and whose actual processing power is underwhelming. If you’re looking to save money on a Mac, you should buy refurbished/used/old models, an iPad or a MacBook Air Apple’s trackpads are still way ahead of the pack, and this update only increases that lead. Read more →

Updates About My Parents

10/18/16 - 6:19am EST: I just received word from my mother that Papa Mbokolo was found alive this morning. Thanks be to God. The funeral for Papa Pierre will be held today. Please keep the family in your prayers. 10/17/16 - 6:45pm EST: I was able to talk with both my mom and my dad just a few minutes ago. My parents employ 3 guards every night: Papa Pierre, Papa Bokolo and Papa Noel. Papa Pierre has served my family for many years - he knew my grandparents very well. I’m very sorry to report that he passed away in the hospital due to multiple gunshot wounds (may he rest in peace). Read more →

Schools and the State

The church long remained one of the regime’s most vociferous critics. The bishops enjoyed the backing of an international network and they also ran the schools. States usually have two means for molding their citizens: the schools and the media. Mobutu had only the media. — Congo: The Epic History of a People, by David Van Reybrouck Read more →