I saw this post by Carolyn Yoder making the rounds on Facebook, and I decided to write a response.

Thanks for sharing this. I consider myself pro-life (I prefer anti-abortion), and I often wonder how someone with a tender conscience about abortion – but who would otherwise be left-leaning politically – thinks about the issue. Abortion is a touchy topic, and I have no desire to start a flame war. But I’d like to give the following rejoinders to each of the seven reasons listed in the original article:

  1. Yes, we should all be consistent in our convictions. I cannot claim to love the unborn child at my local abortuary if I’m unwilling to love my actual neighbors. But pro-life families in this country are willing to love their neighbors in tangible ways. The key to understanding this, however, is to recognize that such families generally do not equate support for government programs with loving our neighbor. If support for higher taxes and more government programs means love, then I’m not a very loving person.

  2. War is hell, no question there. But just like the free-spending Republicans are no longer the party of “small government” vs. the “big government” Democrats, it seems to me that both parties are eager to use drones and bombs and war to get what they want. It seems to me that Democrats have been just as hawkish in recent years as Republicans. I suppose I could be wrong about this, but it is the impression that I have.

  3. I just flat-out do not believe that “programs” will change our society and make it more just and humane. I believe that God, turning the hearts of fathers back to their children, will do that. That is to say, repentance and faith. Abortion rates will decrease when men love their wives and children. Everything else is screwing around with the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  4. This reason seems to be in bad faith. If the author believes that abortion is the taking of innocent life, then she believes that over a million babies are killed in this country each year by abortion. How many are killed by our bombing and wars and drone strikes? The numbers are so strikingly disproportionate that, as I said, this argument just seems to be in bad faith. And I say this as one who believes that much of what our military does in the modern world is unjust and evil. But the numbers just don’t compare.

  5. Again, this argument seems to be in bad faith. Or maybe the author doesn’t actually think that a baby in his mother’s womb has any value? Is she serious when she compares closing veterans hospitals to closing abortion mills? A hospital exists to help someone heal and grow strong again. An abortion mill exists to end the life of a human being at a particular stage in his development. If you’re worried about all the “other services” provided by abortion mills, I assure you we could figure out how to provide them in other ways. Again, it’s hard to take this one seriously.

  6. This reason for not supporting pro-life candidates raises issues of how we should organize our healthcare, whether the government should be responsible to feed school children their lunches, guns, our corrupt prison system, and environmentalism. These are all important topics that should be discussed, and the philosophical differences across party lines are significant. But as far as I can tell, the author’s point here is to say that these other topics are more important than the million babies that are killed each year by abortion. The author has it exactly backwards. On the contrary, a nation that cares for the widow and the orphan (and an aborted baby should certainly be considered an orphan) would get the answers to those other questions right. Instead, we wickedly slaughter innocent babies and think we will have the moral compass necessary to care about our corrupt prison system. It just doesn’t work like that.

  7. There is no doubt that Republican politicians use the pro-life flag to get a certain constituency into their pockets. Welcome to politics in the USA. In fact, it appears to me that Donald Trump is doing this very thing. But it also appears to me that he is doing more to actually oppose abortion than any presidential candidate I can think of. Good for him.

I’m in total agreement with the author that we all have blood on our hands. May God have mercy on our nation.

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Camille Paglia on the nuclear family (external link)

November 12, 2018

Why we have to discover this stuff by reading a woman who is a lesbian and an atheist is beyond me. Kind of like having Donald Trump as our president. In any case, she’s right, and it’s disastrous:

Second, the nuclear family as a standard unit of social life is a relatively new and isolating phenomenon. Wives returning from work to an apartment or house are expecting their husbands to fulfill all the emotional and conversational needs that were once fulfilled by other women of multiple generations throughout the agrarian workday in the fields or at home (where the burdens of childcare and eldercare were group shared).

This is a problem that can only be fixed, I think, by valuing family over money and jobs. And I do mean both your spiritual family – your church – and your biological family.

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Heaven (external link)

October 10, 2018

An update on my daughter, Mary Louise. And a meditation on heaven by my dear wife.

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What Makes Tim Keller Uncomfortable (external link)

January 06, 2018

Helpful article about Tim Keller and American Evangelicalism more generally.

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The Death of the Free Exercice Clause (external link)

December 12, 2017

The arguments presented in this case all center around free speech. The arguments are ridiculous, and everyone seems to know that the emperor has no clothes except for us Christians.

What’s at stake here is the free exercise of religion, and Christians aren’t even showing up for the fight.

This case reminds me of Roe vs. Wade. That case hinged on the “right to privacy” instead of what it is obviously about: is that a human being inside the womb of it’s mother, or not? Need I say it? If it is, it deserves all the rights and protections given to all other American citizens.

When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on earth?

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